I am sitting here at work ftd'ing (a derogatory shortened version of fucking the dog - and also, don't take that in the literal sence please) and thinking about a conversation I had with my aunt last night when I realized how pointless the whole thing was. (I am wishing how, that I had let her go so I could have went outside to look at the aurora borealis that Devon was trying to get me to look at.)

We were talking about christmas gifts, and what she is going to get my daughter. As she lives out of town and we don't see each other so she sends me the money with instructions on how to spend it.

To make a really long conversation short, she wants me to buy my daughter a tricycle for christmas. Now, here is the thing... I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and winter is right around the corner. Our winters last about 6 to 7 months long, so in retrospect, this gift would be pointless to waste the money on. She would have to sit and just look at it in the basement for half a year, and by the time it is nice enough outside that she could ride it - she would be to big for it!

What I want to know is, does my aunt forget how quick children grow? Or how long our winters are?

I don't know, I am a little bit at a loss for words about this. So if any parents could /msg me with possible solutions on going about approaching this aunt to try and change the gift, it would be appreciated.