Monday Morning

Take away the fact that a lot of the noders on this site seem to be online 24/7 (Myself included), and leave open Monday. Just another Monday. I look at "Your fellow Noders" and low and behold there are 77 of us on. First thing in the morning none the less! Most of us are at work, or school, a lot of us are even at home.

Have we found the secret to beating away the Monday blues with a bloody stick? I think so!

Most Mondays, I find I am grumpy having to get up first thing in the morning, and get back to the daily salt mine grind. I am tired. Hungry, and would love nothing more than to go back home, crawl into my more than likely still warm bed and sleep away the day. Make Monday go away in good style.

Well, for most of us, I am sure this is not a possibility. So, what do we do instead. Get up, go to work, and deal. How do we deal? Simple. Log on to E2.

No one is grumpy (Least, not from the looks of it in the chatterbox). Interesting nodes pop up (There have been 17 new nodes from the time I logged in this morning).

So I have come to this conclusion. E2 is the answer to not only Monday's but all of life's problems!

/me hides now, for the oncoming landslide of downvotes