The TI-82 was released as a more user-friendly version of the TI-85, at the sacrifice of many of its advanced features, but it was the ones that were not used in ever-day usage, but with a lower price tag, about 100 USD. It was long believed that the TI-82 could not be programmed in assembly, but, as with the TI-85, a loophole was eventually found, making the TI-82 a much more attractive programming platform. The TI-83 and TI-83 Plus have taken the place of the TI-82 as the standard in math and science classrooms and the TI-82 is expected to be discontinued shortly. Note: Some of this came from

CPU : 6 MHz ZiLOG Z80
Memory : 28K RAM
Screen Size : 96x64 pixels; Black and White
Link Port? Yes