I will start this node in the words of one of the few intelligent persons on televison today.
"I don't mean to get off on a rant now..." -Dennis Miller

Well there are many reasons why high school is so horrible.

One of these reasons is that American high schools are just as overcrowded as the prison system in America is. One thing I remember reading in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein is this: paraphrased 'You ever notice that they always paint prisons, mental institutions, and schools, green to subdue the prisoners? Another reason is that high school is also full of immature, disobediant, adolescent, imbeciles. The third reason that comes to mind is that there are a few teachers that actually care for their students, and even treat their students with respect. High schools also discourage being different, acting different, looking different, thinking different, and thinking independently from the status quo. High schools encourage obeying to authority without question. High schools thus discourage questioning authority, especially when it is inanely stupid or anal retentive. High school is also the one thing that is destroying me and many others emotionally, physically and psychologically. High schools are usally funded by the government and could be compared to a totalitarian state. I have one more year after I finish this, and I go to college. I hope to change the world, which many people tell me you can't do. I hope to change the world, high schools, and many other things. People tell me I won't or I can't but that just encourages me. I am working on the main solutions on this but right now the only one I can think of is to do what they did in the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and leave the smart people on the planet and send the others away on a trip and telling them that the world is going to end and we will follow them in another spacecraft.

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Note Made on 5-15-2000 3:38 PM EST
This was my third node that I wrote. I wanted to make a good node and I thought I did. Well I have edited this node and added more links. Note about this node I wrote this only a month ago and during a teen angst/geek angst fit. I do hate high school but I am less then 200 school days away from getting out of high school for good. (About 385 Earth days) I hope to make an impact as big as some of the most famous people on the planet.