True Communism is the stuff that Karl Marx dreamed about. Communism has been impossible for many countries, for Karl Marx never took in the fact that one government could ever rule a country, and never will we all share one religion. Communism may work for some, it will never work with others. It is like the proverbial stories, myths, and tales from around the world. They are all different, but they all are essentially the same. Governments want peace and their people to be happy and content. Many Religions want people to believe in their what they think is right. I don't think we will ever be able to agree on anything, not between 2 people from the 6 billion people that live here.

Communism in today's society is usally a dicatorship or some other authoritarian government. Russia was on its way to becoming a true communist country. The major factor that killed Communist Russia was Josepf Stalin. If you ask me, Lenin was headed down the right path. The Red Scare also had a big effect on the development of True Communism. I like the idea of communism. It already works on a small scale. If you asked me to choose between communism and democracy, or socialism and capitalism. I would be divided, both have great ideals but neither work without somebody gaining to much power.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
Communism so far has always led to a dictatorship.
Democracy is rule by the mob, but just because they are the majority doesn't make them right?(Note: Hitler was elected to be der Fuhrer
Socrates said Rule by the mob.
Capitalism and Socialism: I will admit to not knowing of any high ranked socialist country, so I can't provide why it doesn't work, but with Capitalism today, especially in the United States, the country is turning into a company run republic. I don't like either True Capitalism or True Socialism. The reason because both true capitalists and true socialists are way to radical for many reasons. True Capitalists would want you to pay money to visit a park and not have national parks in our great country. I would not mind paying taxes for more parks, but some want National Parks to be able to be sold as private property. I dislike Socialism because it is about control and I dislike Capitalism because it is rule by the wealthy. I like very little parts of these governments to.