This is one of the most unfortunate thing that a person can be. People in High School have no way of getting out. It is a prison. You can take the GED but of course that isn't the same as a High School Diploma. I wish there was a way to get out of High School early with a diploma from that High School. This is unfortunate because it is much harder to get into a college or get a good job without a diploma from your High School. It is also one of the things that geeks must go through and put up with. The ignorant are on both sides, the students, and the administration and teachers. If you answered a question to a teacher and actually showed intelligence they will deny that thought. Examples: A teacher once asked what was the opposite of zero, I raised my hand and said everything. He of course said "Sorry, that is the Wrong Answer". If zero is nothing, then isn't the opposite of zero everything?

Many times they inflict, homework that is repetitious and easy. I like a challenge something that is one question but a challenge to my mind. Next year is my Senior Year, after dealing with my mental illnesses, and actually becoming more social, I have decided to make next year the best that I can. As a geek, nerd, hacker, I have had to put up with jocks, cliques, potheads, snobs, and other people that should have more mental problems then myself. These people made me feel worthless.

Now in dedication to the cause here is a link.

Note #1:Sat Apr 29 2000 at 21:14:52 UTC
It is the end of the year for school only a 2-3 weeks left. I do not know if these teachers are crazy or what, but many have overloaded the student body with homework/projects/literature for us to finish. The students have been bombarded with tests and a quiz or two. They also mandated finals last year. Finals are worth one fifth of our final grade. I think that the teachers should have been concentrating on finals the last 2-3 weeks and making sure we knew what we were doing instead of giving us more work.

Update: September 1, 2001 I finally got my GED and was going to go to community college, but I decided to take a year off and get myself together. At the moment I am a cook at Primanti Brothers, and I am sure I will pick up a part time job elsewhere, so I can gain experience in the job world. By the way, I am one of those workaholic types, at least I have been told I am and I agree. I also don't get tired and complain about it like my friends usually do, I guess I am a man of a different caliber