I woke up early today. Told my mother Happy Mother's Day. Got a bite to eat and made my brother a music CD. My mother and brother left to go fishing on 'Family Day'. I am not into fishing. I was going to go and take a bike ride somewhere and maybe try being social or something. I was just to lazy. Right now I am so love hungry. Love is such a weird emotion. I am so consumed by love. I need it. I need to find some girl to talk to. I am such an emotional slut. Been on #slashdot and #everything pretty much all day. I hate high school. Although I do want to go back tomorrow. I feel mixed feelings. I like some of the people there because I am gaining some friends that are cool. I guess I will start hanging out with the goth/punk/outcast seen at school. It's really a mixed group and even those three groups don't describe them. I really like some of the people they are just so real and in touch unlike the popular kids. I think this is mainly due to that the ones I know that are in the group have had some kind of mental treatment.

The group isn't really a group. It is made up of many different people. The group contains poets, musicians, kindred spirits, and other beautiful souls