The Message You will Never Get

Another bad day. I keep thinking about all the things we did together. I'm thinking about London alot, all the things we are missing out on by not being together. There is so much I wanted to share with you. I had a strange revelation this morning. I haven't contacted you and have been thinking that maybe that really bothers you, but what if I'd said you could call me when you asked and by this time you still hadn't called me. What if you're not fussed about seeing me other than maybe once every few months. And then I'm back to whether you care or not and I don't know the answer so on and on it goes in my head.

Things that I had forgotten about keep coming back to me now. We actually did alot. I still love you. I still want to be with you, I would give anything to have you hold me in your arms and kissme and tell me you love me too.

I guess by now you must have moved on. Why would you be hurting when you were the one that wanted it to end. I can't see the logical stuff very clearly anymore. My heart has completely taken over and I can't see beyond the hurt. My head bombards me with memories and I want to scream. I want it all to stop. I am so desperately unhappy. Still my every waking thought is of you.

Please get in touch with me.