Character in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

Lifespan: Immortal. Time in Middle-earth: 3rd Age - circa 1000 to 3021 (September 29).

The White Rider is Gandalf (Mithrandir) in his rainment of white as he rode upon Shadowfax, greatest and swiftest of Rohan's horses. He is a wizard (istari).

Formerly Gandalf the Grey, Mithrander fell after guiding The Fellowship of the Ring through Moria. A Balrog of Morgoth was there and they fought from the deepest caverns to the highest peaks of the Misty Mountains. The demon was vanquished, however, and Gandalf was reborn in raiment of white (see also: the fall of Saruman).

The White Rider is opposite the nine "Dark Riders" ("Ringwraiths" or "Nazgûl") of Sauron. Mithrandir is more powerful than they are and is one of the few powers of light that can face the dreaded Witch-King of Angmar (leader of the Dark Riders).

After the ring was destroyed, and Sauron vanquished, the White Rider passed across the sea, leaving Middle Earth forever.