The points made by these noders are valid: the ballot did violate more than one - two, in fact - guidelines in state law; many people were in a hurry when they cast their vote; the sample ballot was inconsistent with the final; and those responsible (the government?) should have corrected these mistakes.

However, all of these facts are irrelevant. This idea that morons shouldn't vote has nothing to do with the government or its faults. It is a belief that people should take responsibility for their own mistakes. They should not blame technicalities and imaginary evils for their carlessness, and they should concede their errors while learning from them.

While the ballot did violate some regulations, it was still within the realm of understanding. An average fourth grader could've made his/her choice with nary an error. This wasn't some mind-boggling riddle. It didn't require deep thought, heavy analyzation, knowledge of The Calculus, or omniscient wisdom. The fact of the matter is: if you paid attention, you couldn't have made the mistake that so many did.

I, too, live in West Palm, and while many agree that the ballot could've (and should've) been simpler, I've heard no one claim it to have been downright confusing.