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The Tolkien Metanode

Tolkien's worlds (especially, of course, Arda) were incredibly deep and intricate - almost real. I think it'd be impossible to node everything Tolkien ever wrote, but we can come pretty close. There's a huge Tolkien presence on E2, and I felt there should be a metanode to tie it all together. (Note: I am aware of the Everything Tolkien node. It is not a metanode, and I have spoken with Modernangel, its creator: he agreed that a more suitable listing would be a worthwhile project.)

This metanode is geared toward utility, rather than progress. I have not, and will not, link nonexistent nodes or nodeshells. A metanode full of empty links just isn't very useful, and I will, more often than not, try to flag major nodegel-holes myself.

This node is always under construction.

The Author

The Books

Groups (Species, Races, Nationalities, Factions, Royal Lines)

People (Characters/Individuals)


Things (Inanimate)


Relationships and Rivalries

Poetry and Songs


Calendars and Days

Everything-Tolkien Culture and Discussion


Artist Tributes and Parodies

Suggestions? Criticism? Is something missing? Notice any errors? /Msg me! Also: if you ever fill a Tolkien-relate node, let me know so I can add it to the listing.

Last Updated: July 12, 2004

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