The Dreyfoos School of the Arts, formerly the Palm Beach County School of the Arts, is a magnet school (grades 9-12) made up of a liberal arts and performing arts curriculum. Entrance is by audition, and majors include Communications, Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual.

The school is located near downtown West Palm Beach, across the street from a major shopping center, Cityplace, and next door to the acclaimed Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Students are taken here from all over the county and travel by car, bus, or train.

The school itself is made up of eight buildings, several of which were part of the 100 year-old Palm Beach High School (aka The School on a Hill - one of the few hills in South Florida). The school population varies, and currently averages at around 1200 students.

Because all of the students are also artists, DSOA has a reputation for being very bohemian. It is a fact that students are much more open to new channels of thought, creativity, and innovation. Additionally, the school is known for its gay population; and while there is only a slightly larger number of homosexuals, many outsiders are biased into thinking that all those attending are "a little fruity."

There are no fights at this school. Instead, the holy egoism of genius pervades throughout. Senioritis exists to the extreme. Drug use is probably the only "issue," as far as problems go.

I happen to attend DSOA as a Music (piano/keyboard) major. It's been several years, and I imagine I'll graduate ...sometime.

E2 users that attend DSOA:

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