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The phrase "[fin-de-siecle] [hubris|hubristic] [mania]" is a combination of [French] and [English] which, roughly translated, means "End of the Century Over-Confident Insanity."

The term originated in the [Ed Regis] novel [Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition], and it described the seeming insanity offered by respectable scientists such as [K. Eric Drexler|Eric Drexler], [Marvin Minsky], and [Hans Moravec].

Here we have these extremely digified, certified geniuses, scientists even, talking about [nanotechnology|machines that can manipulate atoms], [technology singularity|computers that are smarter than man], and [cryogenics|freezing people] so that their [potentially dead] state can be fixed in the future! All of this [ultratechnology], surely it must be mad delusions of [deity]-defying nature!

Quite obviously, [Ed Regis|Regis] inteded for this phrase to be used with [tongue-in-cheek|tongue in cheek].

In a sense, this expression, this mania, can be summed up very nicely by [Arthur C. Clarke|Arthur C. Clarke's] [Clarke's Laws|First Law].