My Ching! Theory

With the inception of Honor Roll, there is only one thing which chingage provides - Exposure. That ching puts the node in the annals of all nodes chung, shoves it into the Cool User Picks, and possibly even the Cream of the Cool. As a result of this exposure, a righteously good node will receive further upvotes, and those which are not righteous are either ignored or receive the wrath.

There are many phenomenal wus on e2, whether they be fact or fiction, poetry or prose, GTKY or raw data. Regardless of the content, they all have something in common - They're good. They're well written, well formatted. They cover the subject and do it justice, or do it more than justice. And more often that should be, they possess a low rep!

Here is a wonderful node, and for all we know, the author could be looking at it right now, thinking to himself, "What did I do wrong? This node's rep makes it a blight on my otherwise flawless record! Should I nuke it?"

That will not do! Good wus should never see the horror that is Klaproth. Good wus must be lifted onto our shoulders, given a ticker-tape parade, and a free hotel room filled with lots of expensive hookers! Okay, maybe not that last part, but the point is, good nodes must be given due credit.

Some day, I will have the power to ching nodes. I will not waste my valuable chings on Webster's Ralph, they will not flounder on Freenut's Butterfinger McFlurry, and they shall not be squandered on soy. There are beautiful wus out there, wus that have only seen the votes of 3 or 4 persons, yet they deserve so much more. They deserve the exposure given to great nodes, because they are great nodes.

That is what I will ching. It doesn't matter if the wu is in a style that isn't "typically" chinged. Typical is what I want to avoid. Typical is what leads to ruts forming, where people aim for chingage, so they restrict their writing to topics which are more "likely" to be chung. No, I say, I will not do that.

I will use Chings as powerful megawatt X-files flashlights, penetrating the depths of the nodegel to illuminate long-lost, or newly-lost, wus which deserve more. The nodes that I ching will deserve even more than I can offer, but hopefully, by dragging them up from the depths of oblivion, and immortalizing them in the archives, they will get their just desserts.

I will not ching wus that are still listed in New Writeups. I will not ching wus that are already listed in the Cool User Picks at that moment in time - If something I consider ching worthy is still floating there, I will write it down, and wait until it's left the list and people have forgotten about it. That way it will get more exposure, and thus, more potential votage.

Of course none of this means that a node that has 3 or 30 chings already isn't eligible for my lovin'. Oft-times, those nodes also do not have as much praise heaped upon them as they deserve, and I will go out of my way to ching those as well. I don't think there's any upper limit you could place on chings for some wus. Nodes like this, this, and this deserve more upvotes than e2 has total users. They will receive my mark in good time.

And I will smile, content in the knowledge that I have done some good in this place.