As I walked through my neighborhood, I witnessed a myriad of events and objects that are usually taken for granted. For example, while walking to the supermarket, I noticed an iridescent group of pigeons scampering around a pile of strewn about popcorn. Each individual bird walked about the saffron scraps bobbing its head to and fro in a uniform manner. Some birds marched about hunting a single piece of popcorn no matter where the piece went. Others pecked about ferociously with no preference to any single piece whatsoever. While the monstrous mass of birds scuttled about in every direction there was a flood of numerous cars that zoomed pass me.

These mechanical wonders zipped by with such speed that the litter on the ground oscillated with the flow of traffic. Occasionally, the red light turned on and the litter on the ground halted immediately from its frenetic movements. When the green light turned on. It seemed as if a hurricane struck because the wind created by the traffic blew litter straight up into the air. After staring at the cars, I noticed that I forgot to bring money for the supermarket. This discovery annoyed me and I rationalized that since I don't have the money I might as well go to the supermarket another time. On my way back home, I noticed that the sweet aroma of flowers in the air. The scent came from flowers scattered on the hard, cement ground.

Flowers moved passively with the wind, which carried the fragrance of the flowers throughout the vast distances of the community. Inquiries about the origin of the aroma could be heard from several blocks away. People enthusiastically praised the smell for masking the malodorous musty stench of smog. Although the fate of some of the flowers were the soles of shoes, nature's fragrant creations incessantly exuded the delightful smell of newly set dew from the morning. As I arrived home, I felt amazed by all the different events and objects I observed today. The smell and insignificant aspects of daily life revealed themselves that day because I observed them closely than ever before.