A Flacid Weapon

Riding the El home at night there was a nondescript woman sitting next to me, any attempt to explain the woman beyond that would be all lies, she was nondescript it was really that simple.

Another woman got on at the platform but she was descript. She stumbled on wearing an oversized red parka and a black hat pulled low over her bony face, cracked and split from the cold, Her eyes open so wide it was like they were trying to escape. She was waving a bag of peanut M&M’s at the nondescript woman like it was a flaccid weapon while she rambled nonsense at her. The nondescript woman tried hiding in the corner.

Then she turned to me and I realized her super wide open eyes were unreadable. She waved the M&M’s at me and mumbled something about ‘meaning no harm’, She was holding the bag firmly in an outstretched hand and all I could think was that it was really important to her that I take them. So I did and there was quiet moment before she skulked away. The nondescript woman looked at me really weird when I started eating the M&M’s.