I remember reading in a book called Falling Angel, which, I believe was the basis for the film Angel Heart:

Invito te venire ad missa niger...

At this point in the narrative, the protagonist has uncovered an invitation to a Black Mass. From what I can see, it seems the author wrote out the sentence in English and then looked up the appropriate Latin words in a dictionary. Of course, it is possible that the author wanted to show the character who wrote the invitation didn't know Latin well, but I think that's a stretch.

Anyway, not only are the words in question not in the right inflection, but the syntax is all wrong. An infinitive clause like this could be used in Latin only for indirect statement, for example, if someone wanted to say, "I hear that you are coming to the Black Mass":

Audio te venire ad missam nigram

(Note also it is ad missam nigram, not ad missa nigra. Ad takes the accusative case.)

In commands and requests, an infinitive clause is not used, but a subordinate clause using the subjunctive. In this case it would be:

Invito te ut ad missam nigram venias.