Although the Romance text may resemble Latin more than French to a modern eye, I have taken the liberty of writing a hypothetical Latin version, which follows. Compared to the Latin version, the Romance version is much more analytic than synthetic, although it is still more synthetic than either Old French or Modern French. Note that the Western Romance phonetic changes have occured, but that the vowels have not yet taken on their characteristic French forms.

Amore Dei et salute communi populi christiani nostrique, posthac, dum Deo scientiam potestatemque mihi det, defendam Carolum fratrem meum hic praesentem, in omnibus eum adjuvabo, quia homo in iure fratrem suum defendere debit, in quibus is mihi eundem faciet; et nullam compactem cum Clothachar faciam, quae voluntate libera mea fratrem meum Carolum hic praesentem noceat.