Zucchero Fornaciari (1955) Italian musician

Talented Italian musician Adelmo Fornaciari was nicknamed Zucchero (sugar) by an elementary school teacher. Adelmo was born on September 25, 1955 in Roncocesi, Italy, where he got involved in music while learning how to play organ in a local church. Captivated by rhythm & blues the teenage artist joined bands such as Le Nuove Luci (The New Light) and Sugar & Candies in the 1970s.

In 1981, Zucchero earned first prize singing in the Castrocaro Festival, making his debut in infamous San Remo with Una Notte Che Vola Via. In 1983 the singer/songwriter's debut album, called Un Po Du Zucchero, was issued, followed by Zucchero & the Randy Jackson Band and Rispetto.

Five years after his first prize Zucchero Fornaciari became the best-selling pop act in Italy after releasing Blues, which included his first smash hit together with Paul Young, a beautiful, sensitive song called Senza Una Donna (Without a Woman). In 1990 Zucchero toured Europe with Eric Clapton. His album Oro Incenso & Birra (Gold, Incense and Beer) was quite a sensation too. Three years later the musician was the only Latin artist participating in Woodstock, while also performing along with Queen in the tribute to Freddie Mercury at London's Wembley Stadium.

Apart from Senza Una Donna, Zucchero 'Sugar' Fornaciari's hits include You're Losing Me, Mama (Madre Dolcissima), Miserere (together with Bono) and Diamante. My personal favourite Zucchero song is Il mare impetuoso al tramonto salì sulla luna e dietro una tendina di stelle (from Oro Incenso & Birra), which – believe it or not - isn't even his longest song title. (That would probably be Solo una sana e consapevole libidine salva il giovane dallo stress e dall'azione cattolica).