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Slash (1965) Guns n' Roses guitarist

[Guns n' Roses] lead guitarist Slash was born [Saul Hudson] on July 23, 1965 in [Stoke-on-Trent], [England], to artistic parents both involved in the entertainment industry. Father Hudson designed [album art] for such artists as [Neil Young] and [Joni Mitchell]. Mother Hudson designed clothes, for example for [David Bowie]'s film [The Man Who Fell to Earth].

The Hudsons in time moved to [Hollywood], where Saul got his first [guitar] and formed a band called [Road Crew] with [Steven Adler] (the future Guns n' Roses [drummer]). In this period a family friend called him Slash for no known particular reason, but Hudson adopted the [nickname]. Slash and Adler then met the others with whom they would form Guns n' Roses in [1985]. With the [scruffy] [Axl Rose] and the [shaggy] [face-covering] [black haired] Slash the band's visual image was soon set, combined with [notorious] [alcohol] and [drugs] [abuse].

The latter was confirmed at the [live] coverage of the [American Music Awards], where Slash and fellow band member [Duff McKagan] were clearly [smashed] from [way too many] alcoholic consumptions as they accepted the prize. Slash also used [heroin], making Rose infamously pronounce he would leave the band if certain associates would not stop "[using heroin|dancing with Mr. Brownstone]". Saul 'Slash' Hudson kicked his [habit] within a year, but drummer Adler did not and was fired.

Alcohol was apparently still approved, as Slash contributed to [Black Death] vodka advertisement in 1992. Later that year, he was married to actress and model [Renee Sorum]. The marriage would last five years.

His best guitar performances include [Sweet Child Of Mine] and [November Rain]. After several successful band albums, Slash formed a side project called [Slash's Snakepit], consisting of fellow Guns n' Roses members [Matt Sorum] (drums) and [Gilby Clarke] (guitar), plus bassist [Mike Inez] and vocalist [Eric Dover]. After the 1995 album called [It's Five O'Clock Somewhere], Slash put together a different band to play [classic blues covers] at a [Budapest] blues festival in 1996 under the name of [Slash's Blues Ball].

In October 1996 [rumour]s were confirmed that Slash was no longer a member of Guns n' Roses, although he left the door open for a reunion if Axl Rose would decide to return to [guitar-based rock & roll]. He [gig]ged off and on with the Blues Ball into 1998, but then decided to re-form the Snakepit in 1999 with an entirely new line-up. They released [Ain't Life Grand] in October 2000.