A second chance for a couple of lifeless Brits

I should have had a rush of blood to the head, but nothing happened. The music left me cold completely. In all songs the singer expressed the same boring tone. Monotone redefined by a couple of lifeless Brits.

One album earlier the good man asked Jesus to put him out of his endless misery. I heard the new record and I thought maybe the redeemer should have complied with the request.

According to M. it wasn't strange, but undeserved on the other hand, that I earmarked the songs as boring. He is knowledgeable on the subject of music, so I accepted his opinion as true. I also accepted his opinion when he said: "You have to hear it a few more times, I think". The last one who stated the sentence that convincingly was Dutch comedian Herman Finkers.

And thus I decided to give the album a second chance. I listened in the car. And another time. And another time. Until God put a smile upon my face. You might understand what a praise that is when I tell you that I'm an atheist to the bones.

The guitars, the piano, the colour, the voice! Fragile songs with drops of introvert emotion trickling delicately. Chris Martin is my new hero.