Two days.

I've been here for two days now. Somehow I haven't been doing anything else anymore than wandering around here since I discovered E2. Writing, reading, writing, reading.

I ask myself: why?

I actually don't like writing in English. Well, I do, but it frustrates me. Dutch is my mother tongue. Some professors at University compared my writing style to that of H.J.A. Hofland. You probably don't know this excellent journalist, but take it from me: he's good. I cannot be an H.J.A. Hofland in English. Why isn't there an E2 in Dutch? OK, I get it, it would be easy for me, but no-one would be there to read it.

So I write in a conservative style now.

Instead, I dug up another quality. I'm a production writer. If I'm on a roll, I keep writing and writing and writing. Hell, I'm ambitious and competitive too. I want to grab those thirteen levels as quick as possible! Maybe my experience to node ratio will be not as high as I would like it to be, but who cares? I don't.

In fact I do... Why? And what can I do?