"Gordon Strachan came up and was screaming at the ref that I was faking it, that I wasn't hurt and was just a ... pansy, a Southern softie. And me a Rotherham lad too. The physio was treating it when he spotted all this blood. He looked closer and found the studs had ripped into my balls as well and I needed a couple of stitches in them. "
England and Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman

Gordon Strachan – Scottish football legend

Redhead Gordon Strachan is born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on February 9, 1957.

He starts his career at Dundee. As happens to so many Scots, no one really understands him when he speaks, in this particular case not even his fellow countrymen. He lets his legs speak ‘though, and scores remarkably easy for an attacking midfield player. Cheering is a lot more difficult. After his goal against Germany in the 1986 World Cup, Strachan heads for the Scottish fans. The advertisement billboards happen to be too high for his short legs. The Scot with the white skin and the red hear measures only 1.67 metres.

But he wins everything. Even the European Cup Winners’ Cup, with Aberdeen. Over the years he becomes better and better, even after his thirties when others start to decline. Written off by Alex Ferguson at Manchester United he makes his new club Leeds United champion of England in 1992.

He quits at the age of 39 in 1997. Total nonsense, his Coventry City manager Ron Atkinson argues: “There's nobody fitter at his age, except maybe Raquel Welch”.

Since 1997, Strachan has been coach at Coventry City and Southampton FC.