The conflict, the insanity

Suddenly they had a huge conflict. Actually they didn't even know the reason. He will probably have problems with himself, the one thought. I indeed am quite a pain in the ass, the other thought, but then again he has partly caused this misery I'm in right now.

I did only see one side of the story. And so I thought the other was a huge whiner. And with any luck you already know what should happen to insane whiners in my all but humble opinion. But if you don't, I'll hand out an explanation here.

In the old days, when everything was better, they knew how to take care of this kind of people. In the Middle Ages people thought that the insane were haunted by the devil. The perfect means to drive out evil spirits was to sentence someone to death by burning.

From the early Renaissance society would protect itself against idiocy by raising cuckoo's nests. Instead of ending up on the stake, the insane would henceforward see themselves attached to the asylum walls with rattling chains.

Nowadays they might spend five sessions on the sofa, after which no one knows what to do with them anymore. As a result the huge whiners follow their nature and start irritating innocent people. Actually I honestly cannot blame them. We all have decided collectively at one point in history that we wanted to be civilized. Now face the consequences.

Then it seemed that, as suddenly as it once started, the conflict seemed to simmer down. With profound caution they tried to regain contact. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all, the one suggested. To which I declared I needed some fresh air.