Here's a metanodeish list of substances that could be called weird drugs. Feel free to /msg me with suggestions on what to add, updates on legal status or errors. (The terms research chemical and designer drug cover the weird synthetic drugs, except DXM, which is a pharmaceutical substance.)

substance name, chemical name, type, year first synthesized (if known), legal status. (Unscheduled substances are legal unless covered by an analogue law; scheduled ones are illegal to manufacture, sell, purchase, possess or use without proper authorization. All scheduled substances listed are in the strictest possible schedule, meaning you don't want to get caught with them. Ever.)

Of course, any psychedelic substance is actually a weird drug, but everyone knows about LSD and such.

Also, please don't think that I'm advocating these drugs or recommending their use to anyone. No, I never would. I think you should rather be dropping acid.