In UK law (At least in England and Wales) a premises where two or more prostitutes serve clients. This is illegal in the UK. Whoever is responsible for running the thing can be convicted as the "Manager(ess) of a bawdy house".

Note that it is the aggregation of prostitutes that is illegal here: actually selling sex is perfectly legal. If this means that you now think that you can move yo' ho's out onto the street without having the man messin' wid yo' mack, then you can think again. The UK has a whole host of other offences relating to prostitution: Soliciting and living off immoral earnings being the main two, both of which apply to pimps.

Soliciting prostitutes is the offence of hiring prostitutes. This applies both to johns, and to pimps who hire prostitutes, then hire them out to customers.

Living off immoral earnings is the offence of deriving a "significant" part of your income from a prostitute's earnings, the prostitute not being yourself. SO, a pimp who levies an agency & protection fee from his prostitutes is also commiting an offence. In practice, this offence may be applied to anyone who is paid to do something for a prostitute to further her career as a prostitute, knowing that that is the purpose. An example would be a surgeon who enhances a woman's breasts, knowing that she wants her breasts enhanced to attract more johns.