OK, let's look at the bible translation thing...Modern versions are translated from a variety of sources, as new fragments and versions are found. Also, as time goes on, our understnding of the various dialects of ancient languages that the manuscripts are written in improve. Last but not least, most modern SCHOLARLY commentaries (Not commentaries that tell Joe Fuckwit what to believe) use the RSV bible, or sometimes a personal translation that differs very occasionally.

The KJV has mistranslations. The NEB is corrupt. It was corrupted by CH Dodd to fit his theories about Jesus' eschatological beliefs. The NIV uses fluffy language. The RSV sometimes makes strange choices of interpretation. No bible translation is perfect. You WILL misunderstand the bible without being expert in the source languages and reading the source texts. Accept it. Accept the fact that you will make God in your own image, and stop stressing about the tools you use to justify your prejudices.