I had a most weird dream last night, just before I woke up. It involved my having 50 pence pieces not minted in the UK. I had one from Norway, marked with a woman who looked like queen Victoria (of England) on the face, but she was spewing something from her mouth. I forget the markings on the reverse, beyond the fact that it said "Guaranteed by the Jews of <some city>" (in English, my first language). There was a coin from Canada (This was the coin that appeared first). There were coins from either two or three more countries, but I forget them. There was a woman who was a bit ugly. She was someone's mother (in the dream, that is: I don't know if she is also a real person), but not mine. At the end of the dream, we are standing at the edge of a busy road, but it's a country road, and we are standing on grass. Behind me is the mouth to a subway. All in all, it's rather like the road outside where I work, except that concrete and brick has been transformed to grass and hedge. We are talking, somewhat combatively, but without temper (somehow a girl seems to be related to this), then she gives me my keys and wallet, and I turn and walk toward the subway. At that point my alarm goes off, and I try and find my telephone.