While performing this song, Elmo from Sesame Street uses rap and dance to promote awareness of the number five. I have not seen this song replayed on current Sesame Street episodes, but it is at least still available on the CTW videos 1-2-3 Count with Me and The Best of Elmo. Thanks to the fact that Elmo performs this song (with two backup singers!) while wearing sunglasses and reflective green parachute pants, you are almost guaranteed to wet yourself while watching this skit.

Yo! MC Elmo's got something to say
'Bout the Sesame number for today
It's the number we're pitching
And that's no jive:
It's cool
It's hip
It's fresh
It's FIVE!

Five...Yo, five!
No jive...no jive!

Give me five now!
Five on a clock
Five fingers on a hand
We got five on a block
And a five in the sand

Elmo time, hey!