I was very excited when my wife brought this wine home from the store last night. Over the past several months, I've tried numerous red wines from the southern Rhône valley, where the principal grape is Grenache. I thought it would be interesting to try a straight Grenache and see how it compared.

This is an unpleasant wine, though I do not ascribe its unpleasantness to the grape itself (it perhaps should be noted here that this is an $8 wine). It has a bright red color with no trace of purple, and the aroma seemed slightly more floral and fruity than you find with a run of the mill Côtes du Rhône. Unfortunately, the wine's taste was somewhat reminiscent of an ashtray. It also seemed utterly devoid of any real body. Nevertheless, my wife and I polished off the bottle under the theory that drinking numbs your taste buds. We were thankful for this fact.

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