Since I have not actually had this port in a few years, it seems contrary to my wine-review purposes to list it here. However, the experience is graven in my memory, as the port was exceptional. Really, it was the best-tasting thing I have put in my mouth in my entire life.

I was on a business trip in 1997, and while at a restaurant (Skipjack's, a seafood place in Boston, interestingly enough) I noticed the 1977 Fonseca on the drinks menu. I mentioned this to a colleague of mine who is a serious wine expert and he up and bought me a glass. A $27 glass, I might add. The port was spectacular--a deep brick red, sporting layer upon layer of glorious flavor.

A friend of mine--Matt, who turned me on to port back in the days when all we could afford was Bin 27 and Warre's Warrior--was very dismissive of my experience, saying that the 1977 vintage was past its prime. That may well have been, but the '77 harvest was one of the best in history and it showed in the product. I bet it's still aging away gracefully. I recently saw a bottle of the '77 on sale for $220, and in many ways it may be a steal. But perhaps the time has come to focus on acquiring some 1992 vintage port, which has similar potential but is still relatively reasonably priced. I'll keep you up to date.

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