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I hail from the emerald green isle for my sins. I was christened a catholic but sure arent all good irish folk catholic? I work in banking where my undiscovered talents are wasted. I like to complain a lot. Why? Im Irish thats why. I conform to some Irish stereotypes but not all. For instance Im not a mystical Irish maiden with long red hair and shamrock green eyes. I don't know any leprachauns or amusing Irish anecdotes. I can't play any irish musical (tin whistle, bodhran or harp) instruments. Rather Im a slightly overweight Dubliner with straight brown hair sludge coloured eyes and some freckles. I have been told I have a bruising sarastic wit(I dunno I was told is all Im saying). I am currently with A a chef whos also Irish. If you want any other info just email me my fingers are getting tired.