As several others have pointed out, females are not alone in experiencing the inadequacies of gender role typing. While in the Army I met many men who couldn't cook, sew or clean. One chap in particular I recall, placed an entire box of laundry detergent in the washing machine with his clothes. While the entire platoon spent the wee hours of the night scooping soap suds out of the washroom with shovels, he proclaimed "I've never washed my clothes, my mom always did it. How was I supposed to know?"

It's true that he could have simply read the instructions on the box, but that's avoiding the point. I know as many men as I do women who are affected by this sort of problem.

I consider myself lucky and thank my mother dearly for pulling me aside at a very young age and teaching me "womens work". Due to her foresight I can bake a cake, darn my socks, and iron pleats as well as replace a radiator, build a table, and lay tile.

As an aside, my mother also taught me how to quickly kill and clean game.