I'm right there with Templeton on this one. There is nothing I like better than hearing this at my favorite pub or diner. I will spend months patronizing an establishment and getting friendly with staff just so that they can anticipate my order. On more than one occasion this familiarity has kept me from slowly dredging thought the same monotonous order line as the rest of the patrons. A small wave and I'm beckoned to the front of the line were my order is waiting for me. Or, even better, they witness my approach and wave towards a table. When my order is prepared it is brought to me.

This has nothing to do with my mad desire to waited on like a Czar. It's a security thing, a belonging thing, and a convenience thing. For years I wanted nothing more than to be Norm, the guy who sat in the same spot every day and was allowed to pour his own beer. There's just something warm and familiar about a place where everybody knows your name, and then they give you food.