/me probes gently with ten foot pole. Most of the world does NOT believe in god. They believe in A god, or even Gods Believing in God because you fear there is a small chance of his/her existence only plays the odds if there is only ONE god. If you chose the wrong one, you're just as screwed when it comes to sign in day at the pearly gates.

I don't recall many predictions of the future in the bible. I recall that it specifically states that no man but god knows the future. I also seem to recall that the most prophetic of the bibles books are really secret communications in well known code between the Apostle John and his congregation in Corinth.

What's so hard to believe about the evolution of man from a simean. We share over 98% of the same genetic material with the modern chimpanzee. That's not to say we are related to a chimp, but rather we are related to the same evolutionary ancestor. Remember we're talking about millions of years here. I can't explain or fathom the number a billion any more than I can infinity. So what, my perception has limits. God is not in my heart. My heart is too full of rich creamy blood for any god to sequester himself inside. Even if he did, I'm sure the relentless valve pounding would eventually irritate him. He might be in my mind though.