Roninspoon's (me) number one (1) reason why we (humans) will never achieve sexual (gender) equality (equity):

I once dated an extremely intelligent and attractive woman named Maryanne. She was very politically active and respected in our local community. After only a very short time together it became obvious that she was a "feminist". I asked her if she considered herself a militant feminist. She replied, "I'm not a feminist I'm a woman. All women are feminists."

Despite the apparently dichotomous nature of that statement a long argument/conversation -the details of which I have forgotten- helped convince me that what she said was accurate. Did I mention how intelligent she was?

I do recall one part of the conversation. I asked her something along the lines of "aren?t you interested in equality for women?". Her reply startled me.

"No", she said, "women are superior, I?m not interested in being equal."

I know for a fact that Maryanne is not the only women who thinks that way. Therein lies my argument. We will never have sexual equality for the same reason Bi-partisan politics never works quite right. As soon as the democrats gain a majority a few of them start mumbling things like "Now that we're in charge, it's time to make the republicans pay." Systematic down voting of republican legislation begins, until the tables are turned and the balance of power shifts again.

The same is true with the sexes, as soon as women begin to reach the apex of equality the portion who feel wronged by years of inequality will seek revenge by enforcing their growing superiority over the men until the men are the ones seeking equality. Eventually this inequality will shift yet again, supposing the human race lasts that long. This process will take a very long time, but has been shortened by industrial and technical innovations that reduce the reliance upon gender roles for efficient survival. ( by recent I refer to the last two to three thousand years )

I know that some of you will refute this argument by claiming that women wouldn't do such a thing, that they are not as vengeful and mean as men and are not prone to that sort of violent, war like behavior. Despite the many amusing and contemporary examples I could site, these would probably only weaken my statements by lightening the subject.

Instead I offer two historical examples. Boudicca and Joan de Arc. Two women who, despite their reasons and justifications, assumed the role of vengeful warrior and led successful and brutal attacks against those who had persecuted them. These women were excellent war leaders, the compare of any man in both cold blooded resolve and terrifying efficiency, once they had been released from their gender roles.