The average Everythingian is a bipedal Homosapien of wildly varying height, weight and coloration. Although there are records of quadrupeds being entered into this classification, such entries are rare and more often than not the result of confusion on the part of the recorder.

This vague physical classification and their disposition to violence when cornered, is nearly the only common bond amongst these strange creatures. Most tend to extrovert themselves in small writings they call "nodes." These "nodes" can range from the extremely important and topical to the absolutely asinine and juvenile. The “nodes” are then in turn voted upon and occasionally reviewed by Editors.

The Editors are raised from the ranks of the average Everythingian after displaying an unusually accurate talent for grammar, spelling, nitpicking and additionally have caught the attention of the so-called “gods”. The Everythingians tend to gather and discuss their mutual accomplishments and failures in a forum termed the “Chatterbox.” All sorts of holy hell can be witnessed in this area.

It is interesting to note that there exists a separate class of Everythingian that exists almost exclusively in the “Chatterbox.” This individual rarely contributes to the good of the community, but rather, uses the public forum of the “Chatterbox” to spew all sorts of trivia and ill-conceived nonsense. On the whole, most Everythingians are a pleasant, helpful bunch.