Removed with penalty

cum dumpster by Aligheri, it was acerbic, unneeded and insulting. If we node every insult, you won't be able to wade through the garbage to find the pearls. Additionally, this node was not removed for simply being crude. It was also very short, abusively offensive, and relatively full of grammar mistakes considering it’s short length.
One of the best insults ever.
For maximum effect, use on woman of known or supposed loose virtue, ie hit em where it hurts

Do tell.

deleted by request and with no penalty

Der Leiermann by sl0throp

jiu-jitsu, Breaking your Collarbone, Fresh and foolz by 12agnarok.

brown, tech support, and Average Handle Time by boognish.

February 29, 2001, CT, E2 integration in search engines and dm3 by senbei.