And yet geologically isolated animals like the kangaroo, the Koala and the duckbilled platypus thrive, so we must presume they were passengers on the Holy Ark. Why were no dinosaurs offered a fare on this trendy flood saving E-ticket Ride?

Perhaps, the dinosaurs, much like the vain unicorn, were too busy to board on time and the boat left without them. Or, perhaps the dinosaurs were simply too big, and the Lord was incapable of motivating Moses to construct a large enough raft for them? Or maybe it's just all bunk.

My mother gave me the exact same "faith test" answer when I posed the dinosaur question to her. I was younger then and a little more naive, but even at that tender age I couldn't swallow that crap.

God's got better things to do than put some crusty old silica replicas of bones in the mud just so he can snicker behind his hand and wonder at the gullibility of those silly humans.

Additionally, while dogs are mentioned in the bible I don't think the domesticated cat ever was. Every night my cats chew on my toes and knock things off the shelves. I am empirically convinced of their existence. How can that be though, if the feline was not a cast member of the Old Testament? Are all cats figments of our deluded minds, or are they a gift from the Morning Star? Just because the bible failed to mention it doesn't mean it didn't happen.