My roommate Joe and I had rented a three-bedroom house. We had an extra bedroom and not enough money to cover rent. I let Joe convince me to let his uncle Paul move in with us. Paul was a really nice fellow. He spent a lot of money on polyester leisure suits in either pale pastels or contrasting patterns like black and white hounds tooth. He believed that these clothes were "Business Casual".

That wasn't the bad part; that just made him eccentric. Paul was filthy. His feet made my eyes water and he insisted on wearing sandals around the house. His toenails were not the correct color. In the mornings he would sit at my computer (the only one with internet access) in the dining room. Dressed only in a bath robe he would download pornography and masturbate until someone else woke up and entered the room, only then would he retreat to his bedroom with his little soldier standing at attention and saluting from his robe.

When he moved out he gave me a check to cover the last months rent that bounced. He also left a dozen boxes worth of smelly clothes and horrifying personal trinkets in the garage. His mattress had to be thrown out. The carpet in his room was permanently stained from the McDonalds Super Size cup he had kicked over after using its half full carcass as an ashtray for weeks. After Paul left another of Joe's family members moved in, he was even worse. I can't talk about him without shuddering.