I rarely indulge in this sort of node, believing that they are mostly self serving and of real import only to those that attended the function. They're kinda like those paragraphs that everyone signed into the back of your high school yearbook.

You're the greatest!
All the best.
cke49 for kt!

San Dimas High School Football Rules!!
Fantastic cats run purple races. Hah hah.

Dude, I'll never forget that time
you snuck into "you know where."

Who the hell is cke49?! What in gods name are these people talking about? I didn't even go to San Dimas high. In less time than it takes a presidential intern to capitalize on her promiscuous pandering and turn the embarrassment of a nation into a book deal and fancy line of berets, your yearbook will be nothing more than a confusing jumble of half forgotten memories.

Noder gatherings and the subsequent after math nodes are the same way. On one hand they are valuable to every attendee and hold precious memories that may be forgotten with time. On the other hand, nobody else really cares much. They don't understand the little in jokes you may make reference to. And let's be honest, most of us were too drunk or stoned to remember with any real accuracy what happened. Those of you who weren't drunk, are likely liars.

So, there are both pro's and con's to this sort of node, and while I don't think they have much merit, I would hardly attempt to prevent others from reveling in these sort of Way Back Machine trips. Additionally, it would appear that I have decided to write one myself. So much for my high and mighty soapbox preaching, the temptation was simply too much for me.

Unfortunately I am terrible with names. Although name tags were used at the violent persistence of Akasha, there was little in the way of standardized notation, and lets be frank, some peoples handwriting is, well... less than decipherable. Also I had been drinking. Consequently, if I have forgotten to name you, misnamed you, or you believe you did or said something especially witty or notable that I have not mentioned, it's nothing personal. Get over it.

Our host, Igloowhite, was energetic and kind. The cats pad is rad. It was tough finding parking on a street that reminded me of a 19th century Italian cabbies nightmare, but once completed my skills as a parallel parker were validated. Igloowhite had an amusing story for practically every topic. He delivers them with a sense of timing equaled only by Bob Newhart and at at volumes that would warm the heart of R. Lee Ermey. If all that wasn't enough to push Usama off the cover of Time, he has the patience of a Buddhist assassin.

Quizro was cool, but then, he always is.

I knew riverrun was a great guy, but I didn't know how nice and personable he was when not being bathed by the warming radiation of a computer monitor. The breadth of his experience only lends weight to his words. When he spoke, he spoke as an authority and the room was virtually silent until he finished. It was like sitting in on a Socratic dialogue, all we needed were togas, olive wreaths and a penchant for discus throwers. But I digress and possibly embarrass both of us with my reverence.

Panamaus is quiet. His ways are subtle. His countenance may be one of humble smiles and pleasant jokes but underneath this facade is a killer bubbling to escape. Don't cross Maus, he's the kinda guy that'll wait underneath your car in the parking garage for hours, waiting for the opportunity to slash at your Achilles tendon with a shiv he fashioned from the coiled spring of a toilet paper holder. No Joke.

Conform, I had no idea who you were. I had never read anything you wrote. That has changed. You proved to be witty, articulate and well informed.

SEF is a fine lady and pretty much what I expected from a person who's brother builds houses out of hay bales. No, really. I enjoyed what time we spent together talking and only wished that I had been more attentive. I do thank her for taking the time to engage my terribly bored girlfriend in conversation.

Akasha, once provided with enough sugar, made pumpkin bread (not cake), that was tasty and nourishing. She even laughed once or twice at some of my jokes, although most of them seemed to either frighten or confuse her.

Misuba, bindlenix and Ouroboros were as always, a joy to see. I count them all as my friends. Bring on the bullets, I'll take em all for ya.

Factgirl and sparkleface, what can be said of them that hasn't already been spoken? Vivacious and tantalizing international spies posing as mothers and expert phrenologists. They are sultry, but deadly.

Some guy juggled

Fuzzy and blue revealed herself to be a mechanical transcribing machine with a heart of zinc.

Eraser_ sat quietly and his behavior has since convinced me that he is a dangerous insurrectionist. I believe he may have hit on my girlfriend as well. I have reported him to the governor of Pennsylvania for both.

PaladinZ, dude, eat some meat. You are way too skinny. Hit the carbs man.

I saw WolfDaddy standing on the porch. I don't think we shared one word the entire night. My bad man. I do know the dog drank wine out of the goblet you left on the deck. We told you that didn't we?

The rest of you were cool too, please refer to paragraph eight.

So, you see. There was some insightful and revealing information about noders included here. There was also some inside information that likely makes no sense. That's the way these things go though.

Pics can be found at Http://jedi.nevada.edu/e2/la