Yet, I also enjoy Family Guy, Futurama and Stone Temple Pilots. Why wouldn't I? Yes they're very similar to each other, but that does not make them bad. Quite the opposite, I find that I enjoy them for the same reasons I enjoyed their predecessors.

Not to long ago, a friend introduced me to Limp Bizkit. Even though I don't much care for hip-hop, I enjoyed what they had done with it. I dug their music and bought the album.

What seemed like a very short time later, this same friend began preaching about how bad Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst were. "They're just corporate rock," he would say. "Fred Durst is a dick," he said. "They're sell outs."

I don't understand how you can like something, be it a TV show or music, and then turn around and claim it is no longer a good thing, not because the product has changed in any measurable way, but simply because too many other people enjoy the same thing.

Have we become too much of a cult of individuality that we are incapable of finding pleasure in any thing enjoyed by another. I can't buy into that. I'm already getting old enough to feel myself slipping away from today's youth. I knew it was no longer possible for me to be "hip" when I started hearing songs produced during my senior year in high school on the oldies station.

And now I have the added indignity of being forced to purchase a new album every time a band becomes too "popular." I don't have that kind of disposable income, and I refuse to abandon those things I hold dear simply because all the rest of you like it as well.

Can't you tell that you're falling prey to the very corporate merchandising force that you claim to be attempting to rebel against? "Oh my! I heard on the 3Com MTV Granola Rocks Nike Hour that Dillon McChale isn't cool anymore! But they said Brandy Sameel is now, so I went out and bought both of her albums before anyone else in my class, and I even got this backpack with her name on it, It's a limited edition you know, only 750,000 were made for distribution in California."

I think I will continue to watch the Simpsons, and listen to the music I like. These things are cyclical anyways. I'll just wait a couple of years and they'll be cool again, just look at Aerosmith. What's that? You don't like Aerosmith or Steven Tyler? Yeah, he is just a big-lipped big studio whiner, no talent in that guy at all. Come see me again in another ten years.