The definitive avenue of haute couture in the fairly upscale brownstone section of Boston. One of the more trendy strolling and window shopping locations, full of both cutting-edge and nostalgic, fashion and culture stores.

The path of Newbury Street follows an interesting cultural and economic progression. It starts on Mass Ave, opposite an offramp to the Mass Pike (US Rt. 90). On this end you will find such stores as an Urban Outfitters, a noteworthy and towering Tower Records, and a gourmet (but college-oriented) ice cream shop. Further on you will find the original aforementioned Newbury Comics, and numerous small cafes. A few mid-scale restaurants and small, pricey hole-in-the-wall fashion stores can be found around the middle of the street. Further on you will find such stores as Emporio Armani. Finally at the northern end, bordering on one side of the Boston Common, you will find the Ritz-Carlton. Basically, as you travel north up the street, it becomes more expensive, more classy, and more cultured.