I GOT A LOT DONE THIS WEEKEND! Sounds nice, huh? Well, brace yourself for the sad part - weekends are supposed to be free! Here's what I did:
  • Went postal - I've ordered a new cellphone, and I thought that I had learned from last time, when I accepted the default option of "Home Delivery". I'm almost never at home, so I just have to wait for the package to timeout and pick it up myself. Well, back to the "Home Delivery" option. I apparently didn't tick the right checkbox. "OK, small problem", I think. "I'll just wait for the timeout date." That is August 28, 2000.
    FOLLY! The damn thing reaches it's timeout date, and a new note appears in my mail. It looks exactly like the first note - except there is no timeout date. I go to my local post office and ask the to check if any package has arrived. The package number is written on the note, so the friendly clerk feeds the terminal the number. Odd looks all over the place. She tries again. And again. Finally, she looks puzzled and says: "This package was signed for and delivered on August 21, 2000." This is somewhat disturbing. The package was cash-on-delivery, so I haven't lost any money so far, just some hours of work (I'll get back to those...) and 2D10 sanity points. The next day, I call the delivery service - they acknowledge the existance of a small package belonging to Rollo. They are quite busy, and will maybe deliver it later in the evening. I leave work early so I won't miss the delivery - it might be the only chance I get. Postal workers are fickle! No delivery individual shows up. The next day (August 31, 2000) I call the delivery service again. They state that they are extremely busy. I hang up and leave for Linköping.
  • In Linköping, the annual company-sponsored crayfish party is held. Since I'm a half-assed vegetarian, I don't eat the filthy motherfuckers. But I do drink beer. Lots of beer. Everything is extremely amusing, especially when we help our esteemed R&D boss stagedive. After that, we decide that it can't possibly get any better and leave the party at it's best.
  • Today, we checked out the new apartment. It was promising, but the wallpaper was >20 years old and it might be a bit expensive. But we'll handle it.