Today has been a hard day (And is it over yet? Nooo. Still got reports to do.) with lots and lots of unexpected crap happening all over the place.

It all started last week, when the boss-like individual wondered if I could participate in a meeting with some techies from Sun. Unsuspecting, I agreed.

Let me state it like this: I should have bothered wearing a suit, or at least a tie. At least, that's what Sun's Business Engineer Manager Europe (or something) did.
Matters quickly went from bad to worse when the boss-like individual introduced me as the one responsible for all things unix in one of our pilot projects.
I also seemed to have underestimated the importance of the upcoming alliance with Sun. Great. Now every sucker will have their eyes on the first project of the alliance. And who is responsible for all things unix in that project?

You guessed it.
As if I didn't work >10h every day already.

Today's soundtrack: Foo Fighters - Everlong