Ponder, ponder.
I'm getting more and more obsessed with the idea of getting a tattoo, and I'm fairly certain about the design: a thin vertical black strip, about half an inch wide and three inches long, placed maybe an inch to the left of my breastbone.
I wonder if there is some way to make a non-permanent tattoo-like dyeing just to check out what the real thing would look like. Of course, I could make a real tattoo and lase it when I get bored of it, but the cost, the cost of such a venture...
Discussed tatto trial techniques with heyoka.


Fixed a typo in my sweet writeup and added some things to the Alessi node.

Update 19:24 - I tried out the abovementioned design. It looks very neat, except from the fact that the writing utensil i nicked wasn't up to par at all - too wide tip and it stopped working halfway through the filling-in bit of the operation. I still believe in the idea, though - the design is good even if my implementation wasa failure.

Today's Soundtrack: An extremely sucky remix of the original Mission: Impossible theme made by some of the folks in my old dorm. CDNOW, I need those CD's and I need them NOW!