Back at work. Things has ground to a halt here. The new machine has arrived, but some responsible person needs to plug it in.
Spent the weekend at my parent's house. My little sister (long time no see since she moved from Uppsala to PiteƄ) was there as well, and we spent Friday evening at the club. Not a club, but the club - my home town is kind of small.
I brought most of my mp3 collection back home. Yay, music!

Spent yesterday shopping with P at an outlet. Not very exciting. Watched Gladiator. Quite good, Zimmer's music had some interesting rip-off's from a number of other soundtracks.

Musings: The Dream of the Tattoo has left me. I tried to find out why I wanted that tattoo, plunged my hand deep into the velvet bag that is my subconscious and came up with The Aesthetic Answer: It Would Look Really Nice.
Not the Self-Defining Answer: I Want To Be A Guy With A Tattoo.
I guess I'll spend the next year filling in the thin stripe with a marker when my chest is going to be exposed (the horror!) and eventually getting tired of doing so, returning to Tabula Rasa after a couple of showers.

Today's Soundtrack: Air - Talisman