Spent the day in the server room, fidgeting with the new Sun box. Enough trouble to be interesting, without infuriating me too much. Neat to be back on my old turf, far away from AIX and company.

The apartment-buying plans are going nowhere at the moment, I'm quite busy at work and haven't had the time to investigate my options regarding a bank loan. We are currently looking for four bedrooms, preferably with a small room for the server (Yes, we are talking a geek enclave!) and a large living room, with space for 4+ workstations as well as sofas, telly and so on.

I gave the network setup in the new apartment some thought. We will be needing IP masquerading since the broadband provider probably won't give us more than one IP number, and the limited bandwidth (We're geeks, remember? We eat bandwidth like popcorn.) requires that we set up some proxy/cache. Centralised storage, preferably using Samba would also be nice, to alleviate redundancy on the workstations. Some database engines will definitely come in handy as well, for ad-hoc programming sprees. DNS, definitely. Disc cabinet in a 19" rack, for functionality and fetishism.