Cell phone woke me at noon - my blind date was wondering if I would like to go shopping. I semi-politely refused, not being very interested in a relationship und so weiter.

Coaxed John into trying out the blue cheese/walnut pizza.

Got some work done at the office. A power outage left both Solaris boxen in limbo, the volume management is acting weird and refuses to start. Gave up and worked out for a while (first time in six months, I think). Update 20010109: Yup, must have been the first time in six months. The pain!

Watched Gattaca on DVD at a friend's place. Moved Gattaca to the top of my Best Movies Ever list, knocking The City of Lost Children down to second.

All in all, I give this Sunday three stars out of five.

SOTD: Michael Nyman's soundtrack to Gattaca ('fcourse).