AFTER EVERYTHING IS OVER, Ragnarök has come and gone again, I will still have meetings to attend. Not that there is something critical that I should do instead - this week has been slooow, but I wouldn't complain if something vaguely interesting happened every now and then.
"The fun parts of what we do here are Not For You. Every attempt to enjoy yourself will be punished with a power drill to the head. Now get back to work."
Hmm, where did the hackish aspects of my job go? Everythings seems so...managerific these days. A quest for the holy Grail of hacking (a half-full can of Coke)might be in order - ksh, here I come.

HEADFIRST: I've scrapped a great number of five-year plans the last two days. I'll go by instinct (In my case it's known as a randomizer) instead.

UPDATE 15:55: Passed through meeting hell, came out unscathed. Top quotes: "The customers will act like lemmings, like they are supposed to." and "Whoa, we are forming alliances, we are digging bridges!". New meeting scheduled, this time with my real boss. Hopefully there is a massive raise in it, just waiting for me. (I can dream, right?)

NODETENDING: Fat Agnus had its various parts dissected to a greater extent.

TODAY'S SOUNDTRACK: Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay.